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kitchen cabinets painting Chicago

Cabinets Makeover

The kitchen is the heart of a home. That is why it is so important to not neglect such a central place in your house when thinking about remodeling it.
With such importance comes responsibility and a well-known question: “Where to begin?”.
That’s where we come in. Our experts with their expertise and years of experience will gladly help you transform your cabinets and pantries following the design of your kitchen remodeling.

Starting with the most budget-friendly kitchen cabinets painting Chicago – which will bring new life into your existing cabinets; and ending with new cabinet installation – allowing you to change the layout and introducing more functionality to your kitchen.
If you are not a fan of the mess and hassle that comes with a complete kitchen remodeling or looking for something with a more spectacular outcome than painting cabinets Chicago – cabinet refacing Chicago is the perfect match. It will make your cabinets look brand new without unnecessary additional cleaning.

Regardless of which option you choose Cabinets is there to help you every step of the process. Get in touch with us to schedule your cabinet refinishing Chicago. Call us today!

Our Services – Kitchen Cabinets Painting, Cabinets Refacing & More!

What Makes Us the Best Choice for  Your Kitchen Cabinets Painting & Refacing Chicago, IL? 

Free Estimate

No matter which material you choose, we make sure that you are prepared with your cabinet refacing, cabinet refinishing, or cabinet installation project in Chicago. We provide free estimates and expert consultation. We will be more than happy to guide you.

Years Of Experience

We provide cabinet refacing, cabinet refinishing, and kitchen cabinet installation for many years. Our company is dedicated to providing unmatched services, timely delivery, and quality products in Chicago. For homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchen while saving money, call us today!

Competitive Price

With hundreds of colors, styles, and materials to choose from, we make sure that your cabinet refacing, refinishing, and installation are well suited to your budget and needs. We always provide affordable solutions to restore your cabinets and to make them more beautiful.

Testimonials About Kitchen Cabinets Painting & Cabinets Refacing Chicago, IL 

"They provided me with a fantastic cabinet refinishing in Chicago, and their workers were highly skilled and quick. My kitchen looks brand new, and the color matches my entire interior! I highly recommended this company."

Cory M. Kale

"My husband and I were pleased with the whole process of our kitchen cabinet refacing. The staff were informative and completed the project on time, and the result exceeded our expectations! We’ll surely hire you again!"

Joseph K. Ogan

"Amazing! They turned our old and dusty cabinets into beautiful pieces of furniture. They also did kitchen cabinet installations to add storage, and we’re absolutely delighted with the outcome. I highly recommend their cabinet refacing and installation in Chicago. "

Ann S. Rhoads

FAQ – Cabinet Refinishing & Cabinet Refacing Chicago, IL

What Is Cabinet Refacing in Chicago?

Cabinet refacing in Chicago is a method of putting new materials on top of the existing cabinet frames and replacing doors and drawer fronts. The goal is to leave the original structure of the cabinet box intact. This process is ideal if you want to keep a traditional wood look or are satisfied with your cabinets’ current layout.

Should I Get All the New Cabinets?

If your cabinets are still in good condition, then it is advisable to have cabinet refacing or cabinet refinishing to have makeovers. These options can help you transform the look of your kitchen from outdated to fresh. Changing the entire hardware of your cabinets will cost you a lot more than refacing.

How Long Will Refaced Cabinets Last?

The lifetime of your refaced cabinets will vary depending on the initial quality and how well they have been taken care of. To maximize the lifespan of your refaced cabinets, make sure to hire best company possible. We provide and use high-quality kitchen cabinet refacing, kitchen cabinets refinishing, and kitchen cabinet installation in Chicago.

How Does Cabinet Refacing in Chicago Work?

During the initial consultation, we’ll provide you an estimate and help you design. We’ll take the measurement. Once the project is done, professionals will install it in your kitchen.