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Cabinets Makeover Chicago, IL

When it’s time to update your kitchen cabinets while adding some color to your home, you need Cabinets Makeover in Chicago. Our professionals are experienced with painting cabinets in Chicago to give you an entirely new look for your kitchen space without the time and expense of a full kitchen remodeling. Our service for painting cabinets in Chicago offers unlimited options for color and you can count on our kitchen cabinet painting contractors to completely renew your kitchen in a matter of a few days.

The services provided by Cabinets Makeover in Chicago allow you to bring out your personality in your kitchen cabinet colors. We’ll help you make the right color choice from a wide selection of colors and finishes. The options are almost unlimited.

Call Cabinets Makeover in Chicago today to see how you can make a dramatic change to your kitchen, bathroom, or business.

Advantages Of Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Chicago, IL

Reduced Cost
The most obvious advantage of kitchen cabinet painting in Chicago over cabinet replacement would be the price tag. Painting cabinets will leave you with a far lower bill than buying new cabinetry and getting them installed. Painting cabinets is by far the way to go to save money.

Increased Budget for Other Areas
With all the savings you get from painting cabinets in Chicago, you can create a new budget for other things. You can save almost half your kitchen renovation budget with kitchen cabinet painting in Chicago, so you will be able to put that money to good use in other places, like flooring upgrades, new countertops, or superior appliances. So you can really make a big impact on your kitchen remodel.

Looks Like New
You might think that your old kitchen cabinets are worthless and there is no way to improve them. But painting cabinets in Chicago can completely change the way you see those cabinets.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional To Do Your Kitchen Cabinet Painting Chicago, Il

Designing Your Kitchen Cabinet
Our professional painters at Cabinets Makeover have been offering their expert service for many years. They have mastered how colors work and are updated in terms of different styles of interior design.

Importance Of Detailed Preparation
Painting cabinets is among the many steps of kitchen cabinets painting Chicago. The preparation process is the most important work that requires proper execution to produce excellent results.

Experience Equals Quality Work
When you let a pro do the job, their years of experience working with colors will allow them to give professional color consultation. They are also skilled in painting applications and know-how to utilize high-end tools.

Painting Mistakes Are Hard To Fix
When you apply the first coat of paint, you can never reverse it. Your option is to remove the paint from your cabinets by going back to sanding, stripping, and refinishing them.

Kitchen Cabinets Painting Chicago, IL – What To Ask When Hiring Someone

What is Your Process of Kitchen Cabinets Painting?

To avoid a bad paint job, ask about their process. Reputable companies thoroughly clean, prepare, sand, and primer the cabinets before painting cabinets for the absolute best results.

Do You Have a Kitchen Cabinets Painting Portfolio?

The best way to decide if a company is working is by looking at their past works. Cabinets Makeover will give you samples to decide if we will be the right fit for your kitchen cabinets painting in Chicago.

What Products Do You Use for a Kitchen Cabinets Painting?

Ask the product to be used to ensure you’ll get a quality finish.

Can You Provide Kitchen Cabinets Painting Referrals?

Experienced companies have had a long list of customers in the past. Call some of the past customers and ask about the experience. If customers are happy with their work, you can expect durability and service with your project. Call Cabinets Makeover in Chicago today for a long-lasting kitchen cabinets painting project.

Kitchen Cabinets Painting Chicago, IL – Things Nobody Tells You

Nothing beats wood – In painting cabinets in your Chicago kitchen or bathroom, wood takes paint best. As painting covers up any flaws in the product, any material that can be sanded down to allow the paint to take hold will do fine.

Label your cabinetry panels for the kitchen cabinets painting Chicago process – Before removing any cabinet doors or drawers, make sure you know where they belong so that everything fits properly back in place after your kitchen cabinet painting project is completed.

Dark cabinets? No problem with kitchen cabinets painting – When painting cabinets in your Chicago home, it’s easy to go from a light color to a dark shade or take black cabinets and make them bright again.

Think convenience – Forget about matte and eggshell finishes. Instead, go for a semi-gloss, gloss, or satin paint, which are all easy to clean.

Paint cabinet interiors when necessary – Display what you’re proud of in glass-fronted cabinets, but when painting cabinets like this, make sure you finish the interior too.