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Discover Cabinets Makeover’s Cabinets Refacing & Kitchen Cabinets Painting in Northbrook

When it comes to kitchen cabinet maintenance in your home, Cabinets Makeover makes its appearance on the scene, as one of the best options when it comes to cabinet refacing in Northbrook and neighboring areas.

Regardless of your home has a budget-friendly kitchen or a kitchen that requires a larger budget, our experts utilize their years of experience and high skills to lead the way in carrying out painting cabinets or the cabinet installation processes in order for your kitchen to have greater functionality and flexibility than before.

Additionally, we offer cabinet refinishing services in Northbrook in case you are looking to have a kitchen that looks brand-new to the point of bringing amazing results that your friends and family will want as their own. All without the extra mess that most often comes with a regular kitchen remodeling process.

Regardless of the type of work you need to make your kitchen cabinets look spectacular, at Cabinets Makeover we are always prepared to do our job and even go the extra mile to make you feel more than satisfied. If you want to request an appointment with us to assess your current kitchen cabinets potential for refacing, call us now!

Kitchen Cabinets Painting, Cabinets Refinishing & Other Services Offered by Cabinets Makeover Northbrook, IL

Why Choose Us – Cabinets Makeover Northbrook, IL


Regardless of the material you choose, Cabinets Makeoverg in Northbrook will ensure that you are fully informed about your cabinet refacing, cabinet refinishing, or cabinet installation. You will have a free quote during a consultation with one of our cabinet professionals there to guide you every step of the way.


Cabinets Makeover has the expertise for any cabinet refacing, cabinet refinishing, and kitchen cabinet installation in Northbrook with many years in business. Our team is dedicated to giving you unparalleled service, fast delivery, and top-quality product solutions for your space. If you’re a homeowner who wants to upgrade a kitchen to look fantastic on a budget, you want Cabinets Makeover in Northbrook.


We carry hundreds of colors, styles, and quality materials that you can choose from. Let us make sure that your cabinet refacing, refinishing, and cabinet installation in Northbrook fit your preference, your space, and your budget. You can trust Cabinets Makeover to give you affordable solutions that will completely transform your cabinets.

FAQ – Cabinet Refinishing & Cabinet Refacing Northbrook

What Exactly Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing in Northbrook is a process that involves placing new materials on top of the frames of existing cabinets and replacing drawer fronts and doors. This method aims to keep the original structure of the cabinet box, which is ideal for you if you wish to maintain the traditional wood look of your cabinet.

Do I Need To Get New Cabinets?

We recommend cabinet refinishing in Northbrook or cabinet refacing if your existing cabinet is still in good condition. These methods can transform your kitchen’s overall look. Replacing your cabinets’ entire hardware will take time and cost you more compared to refacing.

How Long Does It Take To Do Cabinet Refacing?

How long refaced cabinets will serve you depends on the quality of your original cabinet and the way they are maintained. Lengthen your refaced cabinet’s lifespan by hiring our kitchen cabinets refinishing professionals in Northbrook. We deliver the highest quality cabinet refacing, refinishing, and installation.

What Is The Process Of Cabinet Refacing in Northbrook?

The initial consultation includes our provision of the project’s estimate and assistance in creating the design. We will also measure your cabinets, and when it’s done, we will proceed with kitchen cabinet installation. Reach us so we can start discussing your dream kitchen cabinets!

Customer Testimonials for Cabinets Makeover in  Northbrook, IL

"These professionals did a fantastic job with my cabinet refinishing in Northbrook. They had great skills and completed the work quickly. Now I have a like-new kitchen that matches the rest of my décor perfectly. Cabinets Makeover is worth the call!"

Marianne Cantora

"My partner and I were very happy with the entire process that gave us our kitchen cabinet refacing in Northbrook. The team at Cabinets Makeover was accommodating and informative, giving us just what we wanted in a short time. They really went beyond our expectations to make our kitchen look amazing. We are telling all our friends!"

Andrew McCowan

"In a word, spectacular! Cabinets Makeover gave our outdated and dirty cabinets a new, beautiful appearance with a truly remarkable kitchen cabinet refacing in Northbrook. Plus, they gave us some additional storage that matches beautifully. I have only great things to say about their services."

Jennifer Biancalou